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Welcome to Reli group

Our services are not limited to just all types of waterproofing, as product applicators, we offer our clients a broad range of scopes including; joint sealing, tile removal specialty coatings, sealers and flooring systems, basements renovation, concrete grinding and floor preparation services, tactile installations, line marking and more.

At Reli, we are the "One Contractor to complete the Puzzle"

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What is Waterproofing?

Waterproofing is the unseen element of construction, often overlooked undervalued. However, being in the top 3 of QBCC complaints, these behind the scenes works become of high importance. With effective waterproofing systems and applications, costly damages and rectification bills can be avoided. Quality waterproofing is paramount in protecting your building and its associated elements from the ingress of moisture.

As we are aware of the importance of waterproofing in both new construction and existing buildings, Religroup not only specializes in waterproofing application but also offers professional services covering maintenance and leaks. Due to high demand for our diagnosis of faults and rectification services, we know firsthand how important proper design and installation is.

Religroup fixes approximately 50 leaking showers per year in the Mackay area, along with many other leaks including walls, basement carparks, lift pits, roofs, tanks, rising damp and much much more.

Water Leaks Repair and Maintenance

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Concrete Grinding and Repairs

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Water and Moisture Ingress Repairs

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Wet Areas Waterproofing

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Waterproofing Contractors Mackay

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Leaking Walls Repair and Maintenance

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Flake Flooring Services

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urface Preparation Services

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